Social Media Manager and Community Manager: who they are, what they do and how they are formed

Social Media Manager and Community Manager

New technologies have created new professions: let’s find out what Social Media Manager and Community Manager work.
If you are interested in knowing all the secrets of the Social Media Manager and Community Manager profession and want to be informed of the job opportunities associated with such specializations, I suggest you follow me: you will surely discover a path full of opportunities and opportunities.
In particular, I will tell you what skills are required in the field of social media manager, what are the differences between Community Manager and Social Media Manager, how skills are acquired and what courses to follow. You will follow a compass that will be able to show you the direction to master this discipline and to become an expert in one of the most sought after professions in the market.

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Who is and what does a Social Media Manager do?

Social Media Manager in the collective imagination is the character who is paid to spend time on Facebook. But that’s not true: it’s also on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and wherever humanity is able to navigate the web.

In fact, the SMM figure is appointed to manage the communication of companies and public figures on social networks: participating in the company’s Communication Plan to say everything related to it: choosing social platforms, strategic content planning , advertising, budgeting and measuring activities performed.
In practice, it’s a Marketing Manager that has a business unit of his own that manages along with company strategies.

How do you become a Social Media Manager?

Becoming a Social Media Manager is not a perfect recipe, but by mixing many studies and hands-on experiences you can achieve the right level of preparation. Waiting for the Albanian university system to design new degree programs for the digital professions, studying Marketing is probably the most appropriate way.
However, it is best to integrate studies with specialization courses in Social Media Manager and gain experience through internships in a company to experiment with what you have learned.
Whether you want to become a Community Manager studying Psychology or the Social Sciences helps empathize with the public you are talking to.

What is the difference between Social Media Manager and Community Manager?

The Community Manager image is often confused with that of SMM; perhaps because in small businesses, who deals with online presence management often covers both roles.
The Community Manager is actually the one who manages the daily life of the community, moderates the dialogue, and encourages a positive brand talk: by paraphrasing the Hippocrates, it is he who enters the patient’s bed to understand what the latter needs to be better.

To simplify, Social Media Manager is the one that elaborates the communication strategy on social networks, while the CM is the one who puts into practice the management of the company’s operational profiles.

In a large company or in communications agencies, both figures work together with other figures such as copy, art director and account manager.

But in small and medium-sized enterprises often a single professional, almost always a freelancer, takes care of all aspects from strategic planning to the creation of posts; from community moderation to advertising activities.
In my personal experience as a freelancer every day I come across projects where I have to take care of all aspects of online communication and often have to first create brand presence online.

What features should Social Media Manager and Community Manager specialists have?

Anyone working in Marketing should be a curious person predisposed to new things; if you work with Social Media then innovation should be your life philosophy.
It also serves a good dose of insight and ability to adapt to situations: in the internet world there is often no time to consult market analysis, we must act and respond immediately.

It is no coincidence that many successful social strategies are based on Real Time Marketing, like Ceres’s.
Then in the case of Community Manager it is not enough to always be open to new ideas: to have direct contact with the public on the network requires a great deal of patience; but empathy is needed before that.

The CM must know how to position others and must be willing to listen. It also needs to be safe: it should always strive to make positive comparisons with users and must be capable of managing crises and maintaining brand reputation.

How long does it take to become an expert in the art of community management and social media?

There is no specific time to designate experts in social media management; various factors can make us more or less rapid in professional growth.
Surely it will take several years to gain theoretical insights and accumulate a historical memory of the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

A CM definitely requires less time: daily interaction creates the fastest way to learn because every day you can receive feedback and lessons from their work. To better understand the dynamics of the different platforms we also need to experiment and live as users before managers can community.

Professional experience is then processed daily, but it takes at least several years to experiment with all possible varieties of digital maneuvers. It can take less time if you are part of a team of more experienced people or working with very large communities.

For an SMM instead it needs more time, because the results of their work have medium and long-term expirations. The results of a social campaign are not immediate!