Misty – Robotic platform with open system

Misty - Robotic platform with open system

A robotic company hopes to enable the presence of robots in every home and business, using a platform that can be programmed and processed for a wide range of uses and users.

“Someone unwanted …. better off because I gave the alarm.”

If you suspect someone stealing things, Robot Misty may be your observer. If someone needs help, Misty can do it. Ian Bernstein is with MistyRobotics.

“We want to create a versatile robot that is easy to program and has many technical skills.”

The company ‘MistyRobotics’ says its product has an open and advanced platform that can be programmed to suit specific needs.

“The idea came from the fact that we are at a time when we have technological advances like voice recognition, or other capabilities from ‘Microsoft’ or ‘IBM’ for object recognition or that enable robot adaptation to robots. So the combination of all these features enables the creation of these amazing capabilities, “says Ian Bernstein with MistyRobotics.

The robot can extend your hands to catch something or use other items. Different sensors enable you to recognize sounds and move easily using processors that are used for mobile phones. The robot can even be programmed to run on a special station.

“We believe that these robots should be able to do many different things.”

Mr. Bernstein says that before the Misty robot he created Sphero, a robotic ball controlled by the smartphone. He also created BB-8, based on the character of Star Wars, the company’s best-selling robot so far.

“Finally, cooking, cleaning and washing clothes, as well as the presence of the robot as a home friend,” says Ian about the goals of the Misty robot program.


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