History of American Railways

History of America

The first railroad in the United States dates back to 1828. The 25-kilometer long rail was built in the state of Meriland, near the US capital. Nowadays, American trains look very different, modernized, fast and comfortable.

The first American steam locomotive, called “Tom Tumb,” began traveling to Baltimore. With 20 kilometers per hour, the locomotive traveled very quickly to the then standards. Even the newspapers said that such a fast journey could lead to loss of hearing and sight. Courtney Wilson is the director of the B & O Railroad Museum:

“If you look at it, it looks like a classic American pouch. But the wheels are specially designed for tracking down the track. “

It took ten years for the railway vehicles to get the look of the steam locomotives we saw in the movies.

Lokomotiva 25 is one of the museum’s most treasured treasures. During the Civil War it was carrying Union troops and even President Abraham Lincoln himself in his inauguration.

During the 20th century, locomotives became stars of cinema from the time of actress Elizabeth Taylor to today’s actor Will Smith.

From synonyms to transport vehicles, locomotives were also alienated in artwork.

“In this beautiful machine it also finds many ornaments, dyeing of various shapes and colors. These are disappearing from US railways. But this locomotive built in 1876 helped open the American West, “says Mr. Wilson.

But going to the Western American front was not easy. Everything could become a hindrance to engines, even a flock of cows. On the front of the train was mounted an iron device to avoid direct collision with the cows.

By the 1930s the locomotives lost their old appearance and began to resemble the spacecraft. The year 1947 marked the arrival of the steam locomotive with the largest and most powerful engine the world had seen. The engine had as much power as it could attract hundreds of wagons filled with coal. Despite this, the end of the steam locomotive era seemed to be on the horizon.

“This Jersey Central Lines # 1000 is perhaps the most important in the world because it is the first of its kind. While this small diesel engine box would eliminate the steam giant, “says the museum’s director.

The 50s brought rapid development of air transport and the highway network, reducing the importance of trains. Today, fast trains are found only in the East Coast of the United States.

Over the years, the popularity of trains has decreased, partly by air transportation which in some cases is less costly and faster. The SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to build the Hyperloop system, where the train will capture speeds of about 1200 kilometers per hour, bringing hope for the return of the popularity of trains.


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