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Double Impact is a 1991 American action film written and directed by Sheldon Lettich, and written, produced by and starring Jean-Claude van Damme in a dual role as Chad and Alex Wagner. The film marks Van Damme’s second and third collaborations with director Sheldon Lettich (Bloodsport and Lionheart) and actor Bolo Yeung (also Bloodsport), respectively. The film marked Van Damme’s second collaboration with Bolo Yeung (the first being Bloodsport in 1988).

Double Impact was released in the United States on August 9, 1991.

Business partners Paul Wagner and Nigel Griffith open the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour tunnel. Paul attends with his wife and their twin infant sons, Chad and Alex.

After the celebration, the family is followed home by their bodyguard, Frank Avery, whom they dismiss. Once he leaves, a Triad hit squad follows them. A shootout ensues, in which Paul is killed. Paul’s wife begs the Triads to spare the twins but is killed by Moon (Bolo Yeung), the top henchman. Their maid is able to escape with Alex and Frank eventually saves Chad; the maid leaves Alex at a Hong Kong orphanage and Frank raises Chad in France.

25 years later, Chad and Frank are running a successful martial arts business in Los Angeles when Frank reveals a new “business” for the two of them in Hong Kong. The two go to a mahjong parlor and a woman, mistaking Chad for Alex, takes him back to Alex’s room. When Alex arrives, he knocks out Chad for being with his girlfriend, Danielle Wilde.

Frank tells them they are brothers and they need to join together to take down Griffith and get their part of the royalties from the tunnel, but both Chad and Alex initially do not get along at first. Alex takes them out on his boat to sell smuggled Mercedes and cigarettes to some Chinese buyers, but the police arrive and Chad dumps the cars to escape faster.

Back in Hong Kong, some thugs kidnap and beat up Chad (mistaking him for Alex) when he refuses to work for their leader, Raymong Zhang. Danielle, who works for Griffith, begins checking his private files for information, but she is being watched closely by Griffith’s bodyguard, Kara.

Alex takes Chad and Frank to an abandoned hotel on an island to conduct their operations. With intel from Danielle, they attack a drug operation and blow it up. Next, they attack a club frequented by Zhang by pretending to bring him Cognac smuggled from France, which is actually just crates of bombs, although they fail to kill Zhang. Danielle continues to search for information but is caught and sexually molested by Kara. Danielle later calls the hideout revealing she has found something, but her phone is tapped.

Chad takes the boat to rescue her but cannot find Alex and Frank who are gathering firewood. When he leaves alone, Alex assumes he has gone off to have sex with her and begins drinking and imagining them having sex. Chad brings Danielle home, but since her phone was tapped, Kara follows them in a helicopter and discovers their hideout. When they return, Alex is drunk, inciting a fight between him and Chad before parting ways for the night.

The next morning Chad and Alex awake to see Triads landing on the beach and, although they kill several, Frank and Danielle are captured. They capture one Triad who reveals that Frank and Danielle have been taken to Zhang’s boat at a pier. Chad and Alex board and fight their way through the ship; Chad kills Moon (who beat him when he was kidnapped earlier) and Alex and he find Frank and Danielle.

After freeing them they split up: Chad pursues Griffith and Alex chases Zhang. Alex eventually kills Zhang when he falls to his death from atop a crane. Chad and Danielle are chased through a maze of shipping containers until Griffith threatens to crush Chad with a forklift holding a container. Chad jumps into the water, sneaks around into the forklift, and drops the container on Griffith, killing him. Alex, Chad, Danielle and Frank reunite after the ordeal and appear to set aside their differences.