Angel Has Fallen (2019). Full Free movie

Angel Has Fallen (2019). Full Free movie

Angel Has Fallen (2019). Full Free movie

Intelligence agent Mike Banning is wanted for the President’s attempted assassination and must flee the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.

Mike Banning begins to feel the weight of the years and the ailments of the many concussions suffered in his career as savior of Presidents of the United States. But this is a job that never stops and so, just as he is being offered a quieter assignment of high responsibility, here is a flock of explosive drones swooping down on the President on a lake fishing vacation. The head of state ends up in a coma and Banning finds himself stuck as a scapegoat for the conspiracy. On the run from the conspirators who want to silence him, and from the FBI who finds him guilty, he has only one person to ask for help: his father, heavily armed survivalist who is a paranoid hermit in the woods and despises computer technology .

The encounter between the characters of Gerard Butler and Nick Nolte gives moments of levity to a film that, given the smallness of the recycled plot, takes itself far too seriously.

Unfortunately, the scenes with Nolte are few (and that immediately after the start of the credits is also embarrassing) so it is necessary to witness almost two hours of predictable intrigue that unfolds between a shootings, fist fights and pursuits that are completely generic and interchangeable with those of a thousand other action films. The attempt of the former stuntman director Ric Roman Waugh to give dramatic weight to the protagonist with the memories and the wounds of war is badly attacked and only ends up slowing down the action, which is all that is required of a title of this tenor.

Unfortunately, the experience in the stunts was not enough for Waugh to choreograph shootings that did not seem already overwhelmed, with lots of initial slowdowns that look like a Call of Duty cutscene, and neither did his experience with victims of post-traumatic stress disorder, which dedicated the 2015 documentary Which Which I Love Destroys Me, manages to give dramatic weight to the characters of Butler and Nolte. The second seems the usual sirocco hermit, almost a comic shoulder and in fact it is in this sense that it works better, the first instead should be a sort of adrenaline junkie who can not do without the action. A bit like the protagonist of The Hurt Locker in the intent, but with an infinitely more banal result.